Alterniity AR

Alterniity AR

Cognitive functions appraisal methods rely heavily on measuring human responses to certain stimuli in controlled environments. The existing methods are predominantly pen and pencil with the emergence of electronic ones being quite evident in the last decade. The system creates a technically controllable environment that uses smartphones and other mobile devices to provide stimuli to the users and measure their responses to these stimuli. The stimuli and the corresponding responses are discrete, quantifiable and are organized in novel bundle and sequence configurations. The system also uses AR technology to provide technological transparency (the least digital footprint) and user engagement incentives (intriguing multimodal AR stimuli in a familiar setting).

The system uses a smart portable device (smartphone) as the agent for generating, tracking and generally handling stimuli and human response input – output signals. The device has the ability to produce acceleration data and to operate an AR application, that is handling 2D and / or 3D interactive objects shown on the user interface (screen) embedded in a real-time camera feed.

The system enriches existing cognitive functions appraisal methods by providing a much wider spectrum of choices regarding both stimuli and human response measurements than the ones available. Furthermore, the system can fully support new cognitive appraisal methods. In both cases, the system creates discrete configurations of stimuli and human response components and assigns variables in order to quantify these configurations. These configuration variables are technically observable to measure using the technical components of the system and traceable to their source, with this source being specific stimuli and human response components of the configuration.


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