The innovation factory. Is this all about sex?

Sure, you’d say. Right. There goes nothing for another piece of writing about innovation. Well, you are reading this aren’t you?

And this is how innovation really works: You have a task at hand and you try to make the most out of this particular task. For articles, this should be impact. So, here I am, trying to make the best possible impact out of my article. What do I do? Watch this:

The essence of innovation: True innovation always happens on a very fine line between an entertainer and a scientist.

Never on just one of either sides. A scientist facade is boring as hell. An entertainer facade would know nothing about innovative things – they just don’t care. So, what exactly would be the case of both happening? What are the circumstances where true innovation happens?

Let’s look at the title of this article again: “The innovation factory. Is this all about sex?”. The first part is the “scientific” part and the second the “entertainer” part. Fancy the title just being the first bit: Boring. Fancy it just being the second: Show business.

Now, lets look at the title as a whole: A more analytical expression is this: “In order to have continuous innovation happening (a.k.a. “innovation factory”) will people have to resort to a method that entails sex mechanisms?”

Well, for those who are already tired of reading this, the answer is “yes” – and you guys are dismissed :-).

For, those few of you that are able to follow my mathematical explanation of the title, and therefore the article itself, here you go: We all have ideas every now and then.

What are the “golden” criteria than make peoples’ ideas “innovative”? A universally accepted answer:

  1. Those ideas have to be applicable
  2. They have to give real value to the users of the application, and
  3. Τhe impact has to be of great scale. Applicable, beneficial and able to expand in great scale.

Well, sex might not be innovation in its own right, but it is surely applicable, it is beneficiary to the people involved and it really scales! It actually spreads out species-wide! To go further with this, sex, as an application, is seamless, targets at the customers’ needs and is viral as hell.

So, surely innovation gets proof of its existence with the same criteria that makes the application of sex so successful.

But, how does innovation start?

Well, people dream about it. After all, when a person has an idea it is all an imaginary projection of the future, as this person sees it.

Will, this idea be applicable, seamless, able to indulge the customer’s needs and be viral as hell?

Now that I have mentioned “sex” to you in all different and imaginable ways in this short article, try to answer the question above in a manner that does not involve sex.

And, this is innovation.

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